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These are the next steps for you to list your home:
1- Call me or email me so I am able to get your market analysis to you. This will be a comprehensive guide as to what has recently sold in your area, and guide to determine a list price range. 
2- Schedule a meeting with me so I can do a pre-listing walk-through. 
3- Staging and To Do list. Most every home I list has some set of things to do before we list. Primarily, cleaning, staging and minor repairs. These are KEY before listing.
4- Scheduling photography. I pay for the highest quality photographers in the business. I also have drone photos, matter-port video tours, slideshows, mini-movies, and more. Depending on your price point and size of home. 
5- Put a sign on it! I have hanging style and regular signs as well as skip the sign. Yes, that is right. I rarely use signage anymore because its not really necessary. Remember, curb appeal is ONLINE now even more so than drive-by traffic, so keep that in mind. 
6- Then the party begins...MLS listing of the home, marketing online and print, email, social media...etc. This is when I do my thing.
7- The OFFER, it will come...some take longer than others for a myriad of reasons. When it does we negotiate and then get its executed. 
8- The option period...this is where the buyers have time to get the home inspected and bids done for repairs. This is a time frame that is important contractually, and one I will keep and eye on for you. 
9- Negotiate the repairs and then the lender for the buyer will order the appraisal. If the home doesn't appraise, then the buyer will need to come up with more funds to close or the seller must do so. If neither party comes to the table with money or a reduced sales price the deal is terminated. 99% of the time this is not an issue. 
10- CLOSING is when you will finally sell the home, cash out your equity after paying any mortgage monies still owed. Then you are on your way. 
This is a very abbreviated list of the steps once we list, there are many other details involved of course. I wanted to take the time to compile the list in an effort to aide you in understanding most of the process to come. I pride myself in helping make the sales process streamline and easy for my sellers. I look forward to helping you with the best real estate experience you have had. Over 80% of my client base is referrals, this is because I care for each of my clients like family. I put my clients first, and their interest first! When you are ready, so am I. So, what are you waiting for? Lets do this!
Call me 281-652-6725 or email me at
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