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Kimberly Sprintz
Kimberly Sprintz

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Thank you for considering me as your professional real estate agent. Since 2007, I have helped hundreds of buyers find suitable properties and sellers find the right buyers. Over 90% of my work comes from referrals, demonstrating clients' trust in my expertise. I take pride in my job and attention to detail, which has helped me maintain my status as an award-winning agent. With my vast network of industry professionals, I can offer clients opportunities on all sides of the property equation. As your agent, I will guide you through every step of the buying or selling process and maintain our relationship long after closing. I'm excited to work with you!

About Me


"3 weeks ago, Linda and I were having a chat about our future, where we wanted to live, the ideal house, property and the prospect of selling our home. Our previous neighbors sold their home a year ago and we remember how they raved about their realtor Kimberly Sprintz. We can honestly say that Kimberly has been an incredible agent. From the moment of our first call, the level of service and services she provided have been top notch. The listing and photography were incredible, her network of realtors and the level of attention we received unbelievable and her focus on our needs and tireless effort to make the experience smooth has made the sale of our home a great experience. Within 48 hours of our listing going live we had literally hundreds of online views, 15 showings and 2 offers on our home. At the same time, she was instrumental in helping us find our new home, in the neighborhood we desired and guided us to getting our offer accepted. We have dealt with many agents over the 6 moves across 4 states and 2 countries. Kimberly Sprintz is by far the hardest working, most customer focused and dedicated Realtor we have ever had the honor to work with.

Thank you, Kimberly, for helping us get started on the new chapter in our life!" 


- Sincerely, Linda and Bill Sayre

"Kimberly Sprintz is the best! We have worked with her before and will always recommend her to anyone that is in the market to buy or sell a home!"
- Celine Schanzer

"Kim has been my agent in multiple real estate transactions. She has been wonderful to work with and is the only agent I will use for any future transactions. She has always gone above and beyond to meet my needs, been punctual and has always given me accurate information. Kim is a true example of integrity and I appreciate that."

-Sam Thigpen

"Kimberly is a truly amazing Realtor. After sitting for 1 1/2 years on the market, I hired Kimberly to help sell the property. Within just a few days she had the house listed, marketed, staged, and photographed. Kimberly worked night and day marketing and showing the property and was able to find a buyer within just 3 months. Kimberly's efforts were nothing short of amazing."

Ryan & Jennifer Wuensch


Listing Exposure

Marketing your home is my specialty...using a combination of SEO and Digital Magazine Platforms, my clients have exposure on an INTERNATIONAL level... 



Kimberly has been a successful agent since her first year in the field, earning multiple awards for her work. With experience in real estate development, investing, marketing, and advertising, owning multiple small businesses since 1994, and holding a B.S. in Psychology, she has a comprehensive knowledge of human behavior, demographic trends, and what drives buyers and sellers.


"I am in a business based on trust and relationships; sustaining them is my specialty."

In 2020 and 2022, she sold a record number of homes as a listing and buyer agent, placing her in the top 16% of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices. In 2023, she earned top producer in April CGI and is on track for another record-breaking year. Her experience, combined with her client's testimonials and continual loyalty, makes her a perfect professional to work with.


She proudly explains,

 "Becoming a successful real estate agent is a challenging task. It requires putting my client's needs first, advocating for them tirelessly, and always earning and maintaining their trust and confidence. Only a select few in my profession can show such unwavering dedication to their duties and clients."





Investing in real estate requires a well-thought-out plan and knowledge of the necessary documentation and bureaucracy. Fortunately, Kimberly can offer all the essential resources and services to make the process as simple as possible. You can rely on her expertise and guidance throughout the process.

"As a seasoned real estate professional based in Houston, I prioritize staying up-to-date on market trends, including the subtle shifts that can impact housing prices. When the market is booming, I am committed to setting realistic prices and providing honest advice to my clients. I refuse to let their egos cloud their judgment and encourage them to overpay for a property. Even though it may be difficult to deliver tough news, I always prioritize my client's long-term trust and financial success over any short-term gain. As their fiduciary agent, I take full responsibility for providing all the relevant information and empowering them to make the final decision. This approach allows me to remain objective and fulfill my fiduciary duty. Ultimately, I derive the greatest satisfaction from helping my clients make confident, well-informed decisions that align with their goals. My extensive knowledge and expertise are invaluable assets throughout this process."

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